Jul 9, 2015

Zoo Day


Today I took Quinn to the Zoo for her first time! We got to watch the elephants do some tricks, the Sea Lions swim some laps, monkeys swinging around and grizzly bears chase one another, along with many other animals. We went with all our friends, and we had a few strollers to say the least!


Jan 29, 2015

Cabin Trip Summer 2013

One of our favorite things we get to do each summer and winter is go up to Mike and Whits cabin up in the Uintahs. It is the perfect place to escape from the world, with no service and get outside and have some fun. The cabin is small, and usually packed with all the friends, and it is the best! This trip we were able to do some fishing, 4 wheeling in the pouring rain and simple fun like puzzles for Nin.

It is a great thing the cabin comes with closets full of great clothes, cause when the clothes you brought get soaked, you get the privilege of wearing these gems! 


There is a place in our heart for Seattle. I sure love it there. From Pikes Market with the beautiful flowers and colorful fruit to the fish counter as fish fly through the air. There is a sense of Art there and creativity. I always feel inspired when we visit. This trip was just as great, and I am so happy for the time we spent there.